Ode to COVID-19

Sit Covid bonus aut malus: quaestiō

Oh, you mighty and yet invisible, you weightless and yet so powerful.
You oh came to gently remind us all that there’s no one who can control your will.
Your gentle yet deathly stroke became the mankind’s school,
Teaching us all how to feel, how to love, and also how to chill.

You slowed the time and made us be with those whom we always felt most free,
You showed us “now,” you showed us “here,” all we always craved
Gratitude, humility, what matters and how our souls are to be saved!

Perhaps by showing you know no borders, have no race nor gender,
By your mortal tap making rich and poor even,
You could take more, but you’re generous and tender...
Our pride took the Earth for granted, we asked no “what” but only “when!”

We thought the health insurance was a privilege that protects us from those who cannot have it,
We thought some of us had special right just due to a special religion,
You’ve gently shown us how silly it was to think that some of us are immune from your hit.
Now, when powerless and in your prison, we acknowledge yours is timing, the scope and region!

You teach us that nature is us indeed; no, we are not her masters, but tiny children... that all we are just dust in the wind.
Your mighty wisdom has conveyed that truth matters because there’s no talking out the losses away.
Waking up this way... remembering the lessons... seeing connections... and inevitably getting your hint.
Now we see we lost the respect for animals and waters, and plants. The power of action rather than that of prayer.

Oh, how you teach us to appreciate a touch, a smell, a hug, sitting by the table with friends, sharing a meal.
You tenderly show us ourselves in the mirror of our own loneliness
Oh you reveal to us the power of togetherness, so missed... now, when alone we kneel.
You brought ourselves back to us, inside our own temples, our holiness.

Who knew you would unite us all, call us back to the human race?
In this collective introversion now we see the light of truth and mean darkness of lies.
Yes, to contemplate, to ponder the meaning, to find those those treasures you gave us space.
We even stopped smoking, and got global warming, many of us just opened our eyes.

Some say you are evil, some say you just are, some are trying to blame you for all that we’ve done.
From pain comes revival, wisdom from cry, it is only the dark night that gives meaning to the Sun.
Your tiny omnipresence, your intelligent law enforcement puzzles everyone.
Is this your way of showing where right and wrong are bound?
Is this how you reveal how the universe is run?

Vlado Solc

Online Therapy

Hereby I would like to announce that during the time of social distancing due to coronavirus (COVID -19) I have not ceased providing therapy. I am offering individual and couples' therapy online or by phone. I am also offering study groups and discussions via Zoom.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you and sincerely, Vlado

Coronavirus COVID 19 Psychology

These are good insights that may come out of corona virus infections. People may realize:

- Health insurance for all protects us ALL
- Rich people cannot be rich without everybody being well
- Paid sick leave is a noble idea that keeps societies healthy
- Smoking is not a good idea, keep your lungs strong.
- Air pollution is a problem
- Taking care of our planet has to be a humanity, team effort
- Science is not a hoax, rationality and reason are bedrocks of survival
- Dividing nation based on politics makes virus spread faster
- Lying and blaming corona virus on other political (like Trump does) party helps the virus
- Eating meat and treating animals without love increases chances for getting infected with viruses
- Love and compassion are supreme tools in the times of anxiety
- Love trumps hate and true religion is based on truth
- A deep value of friendship and sacrifice