Professional Psychotherapy

Vlado Šolc focuses on psycho-spiritual crisis (loss of life’s meaning and direction), mind-body connection (psychosomatic issues), immigration and cultural issues (displacement and grief), women empowerment (emancipation). Other of his specialties also include treatment of addictions, individual and marital psychotherapy with adult, and youth populations.
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Jungian Analysis

What is Jungian Analysis? Jungian analysis, or Jungian depth-oriented psychoanalysis is a specific mode of psychotherapy where analyst and analysand work together to deepen the patient’s insight in order to increase conscious field and to achieve sense of harmony, relief of symptoms and in the same time find meaning to psychological suffering.
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Psychotherapy and Counseling
Treatment of various mental health conditions.
Helping clinicians professionals with their cases.
Usually short-term, limited to several sessions.
Dream Interpretation
Not a therapy dream analysis, even though hour of the work could bring desired elucidation.
Education and Training
Didactic and rational analysis of given problem. Designed for those who are seeking knowledge confined to a theoretical frame.

Areas of Expertise

· Adjustment disorders
· Anxiety
· Counseling Milwaukee WI
· Depression
· Dream Analysis
· Emotional trauma
· Existential issues
· Fears
· Family & Marital therapy
· Grief
· Jungian Analysis
· Jungian Psychotherapy
· Jungian Therapy
· Lifestyle & life coaching
· MBTI Results Interpretation
· Mobbing & scapegoating
· Mood disorders
· Postpartum depression
· Psychohygiene
· Psychological Trauma
· Psychorelaxation
· Psychospiritual crisis
· Psychotherapy
· Sleeping problems
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