My vision

As a practicing professional, I deeply appreciate the beauty and complexity of psychotherapy. While I may never fully understand the mysteries of the human psyche, I find this field to be a constant source of marvel and inspiration. For me, psychotherapy is not just a profession, but also a philosophy, a source of spirituality, and way of life. Human psyche is a great mystery, but I am dedicated to exploring and learning about it untiringly.
Vlado Šolc - Professional psychotherapist
Currently providing therapy in person, via Zoom or phone.

Therapy Mode

My approach integrative and focuses on promoting wholeness. This means accepting imperfections and “shadows,” as well as realizing the unity of life's opposites. I believe that true health involves more than just the absence of symptoms, and requires a conscious effort to understand and balance all aspects of life. To put it in the words of Jung, we should strive for the life in the midst of opposites. Every day there is more to be learned.
It cannot be fully explained by words how I work, as it is a unique and individual relation between the therapist and client that requires a continuing light of consciousness. Healing comes from responsible and conscious work on both sides; from within the deep center of our being - the Self. My techniques are designed to utilize a natural self-healing potential of the psyche. I use dream analysis, active imagination, creative art and other techniques.

My work

Treatment Paradigms

Involves understanding the physical and emotional symptoms of the client and helping them heal through various therapeutic methods. It is important to promote the client's understanding of their own thirst for healing in this aspect.
Involves helping the client gain knowledge and understanding of the psyche. This includes exploring the unconscious and conscious aspects of the client's psyche and discovering the meaning behind their experiences.
Spiritual Healer-Hierophant
Involves helping the client find spiritual meaning and purpose in their life. It is essential to recognize and explore the spiritual dimension of the psyche in order to promote balance and wholeness in the client's life.
Together, these three aspects are united in the fourth.
The Acceptance-Love Archetype
Represents wholeness and completeness. Obstacles in life require coping by means of one or all of these modes, and I view these three aspects, or psyche-elements (archetypes), as necessary if balance in one’s life is to be achieved.
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