Book Reviews Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology. (2018). By Vladislav Solc and George J. Didier. Chiron Publications

Reviewed by Gerald A. Weiner

In the time of Trump, in the time of troubles, there is a great need to understand how we got
there. The writings of Vladislav Solc and George Didier, take us beyond a narcissistic sociopath into the
religious space that supports him.
Didier and Solc analyze and explain how the dark side of the Shadow, what they call “Dark
Religion” has shaped radical fundamentalism. They take this one step further and tell us that we should
oppose all forms of moral absolutism. For them, individuation is both a psychological and a religious
process. The two are inseparable. The authors are continuing C.G. Jung’s quest to understand the
numinosum. To them, extreme religion threatens our very existence.
In their introduction, the authors pose questions that should be important to all of us. How
does one recognize Dark Religion? Who are the most vulnerable to its seduction and alluring energy?
What happens when a person becomes possessed by the energies of the Self that are not made
conscious? Why is it that spirituality remains part of human nature and one of our most essential needs?
Throughout the book they answer these questions from a Jungian perspective. They also provide us with
interesting examples of client cases, all of which furthers our knowledge of Dark Religion.
According to the authors, Dark Religion obscures the true nature of spirituality and cripples
one’s relationship to numinosity. The fundamentalist believes he/she has established one-to one
correspondence of identity with God. By doing this they confuse their own will and actions with the will
and actions of God. In extreme cases it becomes easy for them to justify murder in the name of God.
Solc and Didier provide us with many insight into this thought process. As they explain, the
fundamentalist hides behind the image of God and assumes God’s authority as their own. Only they
know the will of God. (...)

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